Tweak Editing offers editing and proofreading services to improve your business, professional and technical documents.

Documents often need several types of corrections and suggestions. Proofreading and copyediting are often done simultaneously, rather than independently.

Below are some of the corrections that may be required on your manuscript:

appropriate use of language

Correct any errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar using either British English or US English.

language consistency

Consistent use of terminology, spelling, capitalisation, hyphenation, abbreviations and numbers.

visual consistency

Consistent and appropriate format in terms of typography, heading heirarchy, page layout, figures, tables and captions.


Accurate referencing within text and reference list.

language and style

Ensure that the language is appropriate to the readership and that information is presented clearly and concisely. Adhere to required style guidelines.

other services

Prepare tables of contents, figures & tables. Check that explanations of terms and abbreviations are included.


[ed’it] (verb): to prepare (text) for publication by
checking and improving its accuracy, clarity etc.